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3000 Hits, Right After 4 Months

3000 hits after four months is really exciting.

Before, I was just sharing my experience in concerts, wrote them down just to practice my music writing. Then, I didn’t care whether people would read it or not. As long as I concerned, the blog was just to remind me of concerts I attended.

But now, this blogging thing has gotten into me. It has become a media for to contribute to the development of music, in a way or another. I know that it is an extremely small contribution, but at least I took my first step and not regretting it since.

Because of this A Musical Promenade blog, I learn to read and learn more about music world out there. Spent time reading articles and blogposts. Hopefully I can maintain this blog by releasing at least 2 writings a week. *cross-my-fingers*

But above all, I thank God for providing me the time to write and read. And of course I thank you all readers who are willing to spend time to read my writing and drop comments to make this blog more colorful. Thanks K’ Aisha for the wonderful Virgil Thompson book, still haven’t finished reading it (1 article a time, K’ hehehe).

By the way, I am so sorry if my English is not that sufficient to write anything… still trying….

~ 35 posts and counting. So, what am I going to write next? A whole new adventure? Hmm… lets see.

Fjord cruising



About mikebm (1339 Articles)
An arts journalist, a conductor, an educator, a young arts manager whose passion drove him to leave a multinational IT cooperation to study Arts Administration and Cultural Policy in London and went back to Indonesia to build the scene there.

5 Comments on 3000 Hits, Right After 4 Months

  1. Selamat yah, Bung.. :’)
    Hihi. Berarti sekarang boleh sering2 request tulisan yaaa? ;p
    O ya,
    Moko sudah lama titip salam,
    katanya, “Didukung. Tulisan lo bagus kok.”
    That was on you wanting to be a music journalist.. :’)
    selamat berjuang!

  2. request? boleh2…. gw masih ada beberapa tema sih yang belum tergarap… hehehe

    terimakasih atas dukungannya…. mari sama2 berjuang!

  3. horeeee

    keep on writing mike!!!!!

  4. Hore2 3000!!!!traktir2 t Mike….

  5. @rerere and randz: Trims banyak atas dukungannya… gw traktir boleh baca tulisan gw gratis ya ran… hehehe

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