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Music, Fuel, Victim

Indonesia as a developing country is still living from subsidies. All sort of subsidies can be found in this country, including fuel subsidy. Subsidized fuel which costs only IDR 4500 or $.50 a litre. That makes the subsidy worth about 50 percent of the fuel price which would normally purchased at IDR 7500 per litre. Surely is not a small amount of money, thanks to the current crude oil price in the market.

Yesterday, the government pulled out the subsidy that will cause the fuel price rocketing for about 30 percent. And justly, Indonesia will also suffer the impact, including the music world and industry.

Transportation costs will surely increase. Musicians especially performers commute, they do not just stay at home and work. They have to go to the rehearsal spaces and also the concert halls every single day, just like those who work in an office.

Freelance performers in the U.S. has already suffered the impact of the ever-rising fuel costs. They perform almost everywhere, having two separate rehearsals in a day in different parts of the city and having a concert in the evening also at a different part of the city. All those activities will push the expense on transportation up to the ceiling.

Similar to those freelance performers in the U.S., performers in Indonesia are freelance performers. With such cut on the subsidized fuel, these musicians’ expense on transportation will go up. This will also occur in the musical education scene. Evidently, all prices will go up which will also burden musicians’ life.

With all the phenomena that will take place after the price rise, the bottom line is that music and other arts activities will become less accessible. Music which is viewed by many as a limited commodity will be regarded not only limited but also a luxurious commodity.

Music will be less needed by many. Let alone music, people will struggle so hard just to feed their families. This will be a difficult time for music and arts.

Music is a victim, but it is nothing compared to the people who become the victims of this phenomena. At the end, I personally believe music will always live in people’s heart, however hard life may become.

~ It certainly hits us right on the face


About mikebm (1339 Articles)
An arts journalist, a conductor, an educator, a young arts manager whose passion drove him to leave a multinational IT cooperation to study Arts Administration and Cultural Policy in London and went back to Indonesia to build the scene there.

2 Comments on Music, Fuel, Victim

  1. hmm…tapi gw masih optimis kok mike, hehe…
    karena efek dari apa yang uda dibangun oleh, misalnya Twilite Orchestra dan orkes remajanya itu, lalu makin ramainya peminat kuliah musik, lalu makin banyaknya pula murid yang belajar klarinet dan instrumen2 orkes lainnya. Walauu…kebanyakan memang dari kelas menengah ke atas sih. Namun tetap saja minat ke sana gak akan menurun sih klo gw bilang.

    Efek nya pasti akan tetap kerasa. Baru aja tadi gw naek motor, ngisi bensin dulu deh, setelah berhari-hari gw tunda karena males tarif naik. Dan pulangnya uda minta diisi lagi, haha. 10rb terasa cepat sekali terbuang dan gw harus cepat beradaptasi dengan ini 😛

  2. syukur lo masih optimis….

    kalo orang yang bergerak di dunia musik udah pesimis,,, bener ambruk dunia musik kita…. hahahaha. Semangat bang.

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