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6 Months Worth of Blogging

Time sure moves so fast. Half a year already since I did my first weblogging. 6200++ page views have been generated since. Again, I thank you, dear readers.

Writing sure is not an easy task to do. A lot of time has to be spent to read other articles just to know the subjects that really take on in the real world of classical music.

Yet, this is a very niche subject. Great happenings does not just take place every single day. And concerts are quite rare. Even if they aren’t, I will not have any resources to watch all of them and to make a review for every single one of them.

Subjects are difficult to find, I must say. Presenting a new writing of a certain quality is always difficult, especially after 50 or so writings. Subjects ran dry.

Since readers kept coming, I felt obliged to continue to write and write. I also felt obliged to come up with at least one post every week. This was the first time I dealt with “market demand”, and it’s quite frustrating some time, especially when there is no inspiration and creativity left.

Writing topics other than music also crossed my mind. But I already had dedicated this blog to music, and I should not turn my eyes then. I had to continue doing this kind of stuff, trying to establish something that was and is not common in the world of music blogging in Indonesia. So, made up my mind, and A Musical Promenade is still a music blog up till now. (I hope so)

So, I invite all dear readers to drop a comment or two or suggest a topic that might be discussed here in the blog. I will be very thankful. If you disagree with any statements in any posts, please feel free to express it. I appreciate it very much. I will try to facilitate any those suggestions and statements.

meltarisa, livergirl and other readers have suggested a topic or two. These suggestions have been taken into account. Some are already posted, some are still in the midst of my mind, trying to figure out what to say.

I still try to blog every other day, hoping I can still find suitable and interesting subjects to write about. Is blogging hard? It surely is not that easy. Is it worthed? It definitely is. Wish me luck…

The Count (per May 25th, 2008 )

Today I’m going to reveal you the stats of the blog for the first time. These numbers were copied from the wordpress stats at 00:17 am this morning. Dear readers, I thank you. These are also your numbers…

Blog Stats

Total Views: 6,224
Best Day Ever: 99 —Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Views today: 35


Posts: 67
Comments: 292
Categories: 27
Tags: 241


About mikebm (1339 Articles)
An arts journalist, a conductor, an educator, a young arts manager whose passion drove him to leave a multinational IT cooperation to study Arts Administration and Cultural Policy in London and went back to Indonesia to build the scene there.

7 Comments on 6 Months Worth of Blogging

  1. Broadway!!!

  2. rio,
    udah diqueue tuh…

    satu tulisan tentang broadway dari satu sisi udah gw tulis dan sudah terjadwal… hahaha tunggu tanggal 6 bulan depan…. ada satu masih dalam proses pengerjaan…

    thanx… kalo ada lagi let me know ya…

  3. hoho…aplus dulu buat mike nih….salut!

    plok plok plok plok….

    eh, btw mike, uda ikutan milis komunitas musik baru kan? kok ga pernah nongol nih? hehe…lagi aktif2nya nih sekarang di sana.

  4. oya, lupa nanya, kenal rainier gak? yg konduktor paramabira?
    penasaran nih, ntar mereka konser…

  5. ntar kapan, bang andreas? gak kenal cuma tau orangnya doang…

    iya daku sudah ikutan, tapi kayaknya milisnya udah rame dan udah seru liat orang2 dengan asyik jawab…. di milis itu sekarang lagi senang memantau hahaha…. nanti de gw nulis… kemarin ini pengen kirim review nso ke situ tapi gak jadi, takut OOT…

  6. tgl 15 juni jam 7 malem di usmar ismail hall tuh, tiket 35rb buat mahasiswa, reguler 50rb.

    loh2, ga mungkin oot, karena masih berhubungan kok. kirim aja mike, ntar skalian gw kenalin sama anak2…hehe.

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