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Pianist With His Own Running Shoes

~ via collaborativepiano

Apparently a classical pianist can have his own name in shoes selection. I think it is the first for any classical musicians. By the look of the shoes can you tell who the pianist is by the picture on the shoe?

Adidas has issued an Original series sneakers of the young pianist Lang Lang. The 26 years old Chinese-born pianist seems to have linked the world of music, sports and business together. Lang Lang is one of the younger generation pianists who have challenge the world of music today. His playing combined with animated physical movements has spawned controversies and debates among critics.

Whether it is a well-thought business stance or not, we do not know. We also cannot really tell if the pianist’s name can sell the shoes. China with it’s one billion people might be the main Adidas’ target of the shoes sales.

Is classical music giving a real push on its stance in the business? Is it regaining its power? Or is it a false business step made by Adidas and Lang Lang? Time will tell. And by the way, Michael Jordan, watch your back.

~ Lang lang in wiki

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3 Comments on Pianist With His Own Running Shoes

  1. Memang sudah saatnya mendobrak kebakuan (baca: penjara) para musisi klasik. Slaut untuk Lang yg berani menerabas jeruji2 tersebut. Tapi lebih salut ama seseorang yg membaringkan tulisan2 musik dgn rajin di halaman ini…

  2. Mike Lang Lang ini sama dgn yg pernah muncul di konser Andra Bocelli bukan y?

  3. @Roy… asal ati2 ajalah, takutnya langkah yang diambil malah kurang tepat. mendobrak kebakuan iya, tapi mendobrak ke arah yang tepat? karena inti dari perubahan bukan hanya mendobrak kebakuan tetapi mendobrak maju ke arah yang tepat…. terimakasih atas pujiannya bung rothan… Mari menulis.

    @randz…. iya ini Langlang yang muncul di konsernya Andrea Bocelli itu.

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