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Today 100 and 10,000!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it finally arrived… A Musical Promenade exceeds 10,000 page views in 8 months. And this particular post is also its 100th post. What a wonderful day and what a coincidence!

I did not plan this out, and by chance it fits perfectly, July 19th 2008.

I would like to thank you, dear readers, for trusting this blog and reading it from time to time. Your readerships are one of the key factors which keep pushing me tending and writing for this blog. Topics and ideas don’t just flow out instantly. It is your visits that lights the spirit in me to provide the best content as I can.

More, most of the people in the western hemisphere are having their summer holiday, and so is the music business. I am struggling to keep the pace up while having difficulties to find new materials. Again I invite Promenade readers to sent suggestions on new topics.

I would like to thank rerere, rio and other readers for giving me topics to write about. Suggestions and comments are welcomed…

At the end of last June, we had our first article series which mainly exposed about El Sistema in Venezuela. And after that, as you have observed, these 3 weeks we are having a Sunday Series, a series under the title Architecture for Music. The series discusses about a couple of outstanding concert halls and opera houses with awesome architectural design.

Actually, this is the realization of my longing of a quality concert hall in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Hoping someday, we are going to have one like those abroad.

I have learned that Taman Ismail Marzuki or Jakarta Arts Center having a major renovation plan and I have seen the new complex plan. There is also a plan to build a concert hall in Kemayoran, if I’m not mistaken.

A Musical Promenade is quite alive right now. And this 100th and 10,000th are both worth celebrated. But this blog is still in its early development and still have so much room for improvement.

But first of all lets give a toast for music, without it our life would be incomplete.

Viva la Musica!
Merdeka Musik Indonesia!
Maju Seni Budaya Bangsa!

Yippie 100th and 10,000th!!


About mikebm (1339 Articles)
An arts journalist, a conductor, an educator, a young arts manager whose passion drove him to leave a multinational IT cooperation to study Arts Administration and Cultural Policy in London and went back to Indonesia to build the scene there.

10 Comments on Today 100 and 10,000!!

  1. Gw bukan kesepuluhribu, tepatnya ke-10.137.. hehe.. Selamat Maik!

  2. makan-makan!™ :mrgreen:

    ~duhNyampahKaliKomenSaiaInii 😛
    ~maafkan 😀

  3. thank you man….

    semoga kita bisa tetap rajin menulis….

    mau makan2? boleh…. whehehehe….

  4. ikuttt makan2….

    btw produktif bgt ya mike… udah 100 post aja

  5. mungkin ada kata lain selain produktif …. kurang kerjaan mungkin. saking ga ada kerjaan, cuma bisa mengisi waktu dengan nulis2 doang… hehehe

  6. ^

    mike, I dearly envy you for that. :mrgreen:

    my posting rate has dropped to 1 post/week recently… due to workload. it used to be 2-3 p/w, and it’s not that there are no materials — they have been in queue already even for now. duh.

    ~kok jadi curhat? :mrgreen:

  7. hahaha yud, makanya sekarang tumpahkanlah semuanya…

  8. hohoho….congratz man!

  9. 10,711 hits
    hore…slamat Mike…

  10. Thank you bros…. mudah2an bisa terus berkarya

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