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Music That Alters Taste

The Heriot Watt University study found people rated the change in taste by up to 60% depending on the melody heard.
The researchers said cabernet sauvignon was most affected by “powerful and heavy” music, and chardonnay by “zingy and refreshing” sounds.

Professor Adrian North said the study could lead retailers to put music recommendations on their wine bottles.

The research involved 250 students at the university who were offered a free glass of wine in exchange for their views.

~from the bbc

This articles shows that some music has altered taste, literally. Music absolutely can amplify our moods and even change them. Why not foods?

So for you cafe and restaurant owners, please choose your music carefully. Your food can taste awful if you set it with less suitable music. Or you can alter your food’s taste by choosing a compatible music.

The question now is how do you figure which kind of music is suitable for a certain kind of food. This is a question yet to be answered. And what are the similarities which support the connection between the two?

And readers, please pick your music carefully. Don’t let it ruin your appetite.

~ for more info about the research please visit bbc.co.uk

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3 Comments on Music That Alters Taste

  1. What similarities which support the connection between two?
    Quite simple actually.
    Both takes time to be processed inside our brain, which has certain mechanism that supports wiring connections between senses.

    Studies of synesthesia (neurological phenomenon where a person, alongside his primary sensory experience, involuntarily generates a second one) provides a lot for this. For some people with synesthesia, taste can be seen as combination of colors, music as colors, and such.

    Franz List (you know him better than I do) is a notable synesthete, where he perceived music as colors. Ah, and Duke Ellington (timbre to color).

    Figuring which music genre goes with which food is more imaginable with them. Err.. At least I think so.

  2. there is some connection, certainly… there are more musicians like franz liszt….

    but does it really work with everyone? a definitive implication perhaps? or is different from one person to another?

  3. It does work for everyone, but not in a involuntary, automatic, permanent way as for synesthetes. The connectivity to us is not as distinct and clear. And of course it works with a degree of individual differences.

    Kohler’s study of kiki/bouba effect is insightful to this. You can take a glimpse of it at Wikipedia, which also provides brief exposures of neural basis explanations for synesthesia.

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