Architecture For Music: Palais Garnier Paris

This is the Sunday Series, a peek of things in the art music world.

Music has a close bound with architecture for quite some time. Concert halls and opera houses are also the ones which effects the music and also effected by music. These structures are devoted to music, from within them we witness the grow of musical arts.

This series presents the beauty of the structure, in which music creativity flows abundantly.


Here comes the 11th post of the series. On this post we are going to take a look at Palais Garnier. Palais Garnier or Garnier Palace or Paris Opera or Opera Garnier is the grand landmark of the romantic city of Paris designed by architect Charles Garnier in the mid 19th century.

Although slightly smaller in scale than its predecessor, the Théâtre de l’Académie Royale de Musique, the Palais Garnier consists of 11,000 square metres (118,404 square feet), seats an audience of roughly 2,200 under a central chandelier which weighs over six tons, and has a huge stage with room to accommodate up to 450 artists. An ornate building, the style is monumental and considered typically Beaux-Arts, with use of axial symmetry in plan, and its exterior ornamentation.

~ from wiki

Inaugurated in 1874, the Palace took 14 years of construction as a result of money troubles and the Franco-Prusian War.

The interior of the Opera Garnier building is even more impressive than its exterior. The marble Grand Staircase has a height of 30m/98ft! The 54m long Grand Foyer features a mosaic covered ceiling and a large number of chandeliers. It is so luxurious that it can be compared with the corridors in Versailles.

~from wayfaring

The chandelier fell in 1896 and killing one person. This event inspired Gaston Leroux to write the novel by the title of The Phantom of The Opera which has been brought to silver screen and musical theater stage.

At the opening this opera house was the largest in the world and it is still one of the foremost historical building in Paris and opera world.


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