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Architecture for Music: Royal Opera House

This is the Sunday Series, a peek of things in the art music world.

Music has a close bound with architecture for quite some time. Concert halls and opera houses are also the ones which effects the music and also effected by music. These structures are devoted to music, from within them we witness the grow of musical arts.

This series presents the beauty of the structure, in which music creativity flows abundantly.


convent garden

Royal Opera House is the name of one the most important opera house in the world, along side with La Scala, The Mets, and Wienerstatsoper. The British opera company is located in the heart of London, UK and it is more popular with the name of Covent Garden, as it is located in the Covent Garden district.


Covent Garden is the home of The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet and the Orchestra of The Royal Opera. This current building is the third building built at the same site and was opened in 1858. But the interior is the product of the 1995’s reconstruction, except its auditorium which is still preserved yet upgraded.


The new building has the same traditional horseshoe-shaped auditorium as before, but with greatly improved technical, rehearsal, office and educational facilities, a new studio theatre called the Linbury Theatre, and much more public space. The inclusion of the adjacent old Floral Hall, long a part of the old Covent Garden Market but in general disrepair for many years, into the actual opera house created a new and extensive public gathering place. The venue is now claimed by the ROH to be the most modern theatre facility in Europe.


The Royal Opera House seats 2,268 people and consists of four tiers of boxes and balconies and the amphitheatre gallery. The proscenium is 12.20 m wide and 14.80 m high.


Surtitles, projected onto a screen above the proscenium, are used for all opera performances. Also, the electronic libretto system provides translations onto small video screens for some seats, and additional monitors and screens are to be introduced to other parts of the house.


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3 Comments on Architecture for Music: Royal Opera House

  1. mike, punya hi-res buat foto yang paling atas nggak? *fotonya bagus* =o

    tapi kalau yang gw perhatiin dari seri Sunday Series, kayaknya memang mainstream bentuk bangunannya ada dua, ya… klasik (misalnya ini, terus Wiener Staatsoper, Carnegie Hall) sama yang lebih kontemporer (Sydney Opera House, Metropolitan Opera). just taking it visually from the building design, though.

  2. yud, you can click here http://www.danyey.co.uk/lon154.jpg but I don’t have the bigger res pict… sorry….

    yaps, biasanya memang seperti itu kok yud1, ada 2, yang klasik dan yang modern banget… tapi memang sebenernya gedung konser secara design terutama facade nya memang sangat terpengaruh perkembangan arsitektur saat gedung dibangun… Menurut lo kalo Jakarta bikin musti pake yang modern ato malah menggabungkan unsur klasik tanah Indonesia?

  3. Such a stunning venue, with stunning productions!

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