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Another Fall in 2 Months

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A year ago, I wrote about the importance of safety in the world of performing arts. And we face many challenges applying the right safety measure in the world of performing arts, including music.

David Ott, a composer and conductor, tried to retrieve his score from the stand, and he fell 14 feet down to the basement of orchestra pit. The orchestral pit was raised to stage level at the rehearsal and was removed after the rehearsal. Yet after the rehearsal ended – in the dark, Ott tried to find his score from the stage but fell directly and landed on his back, breaking 9 vertebrae, dislocating a shoulder and injured an angkle. He assumed that the riser had not been removed.

A month ago soprano Ana Maria Martinez gave a surprising drama at Glyndebourne. At the end of first act of AntonĂ­n Dvorak’s opera, Rusalka, Martinez was tripped on stage props as she tried to move away from her counterpart, tenor Brandon Jovanovich and fell to the pit near the string section. The accident made Martinez rushed to the hospital as a precaution. The interval which was actually scheduled right after the closing of first act, was delayed for another 10 minutes, from 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Yet, the show was continued and the role was taken over by the understudy, Natalya Romaniw.

Whether our performance spaces really meet the minimal standard requirement of safety measures, we still do not really know. But from these incidents we should already learn that where ever you are, safety has to be prioritized, shouldn’t we?



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An arts journalist, a conductor, an educator, a young arts manager whose passion drove him to leave a multinational IT cooperation to study Arts Administration and Cultural Policy in London and went back to Indonesia to build the scene there.

1 Comment on Another Fall in 2 Months

  1. interesting.

    but one point I note here it is more to human error factor given the first and second case, albeit the safety design is the first come to mind. in the first case, it’s more like the conducter just walked *into* the air while the light is off, while in the second it’s more like injury due to being tripped on stage.

    I guess to me it’s more like ‘come on, it’s the personnel who need to be careful, not like the stage is unsafe!’ in these instances. whether it applies in most common accidents on performing stages I don’t really know.

    what do you think?

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