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Alex Ross dan Kritik Musik Klasik

Sebuah link akan tulisan yang bagus dari Alex Ross, kritikus musik The New Yorker tentang proses dan pekerjaan sebagai kritikus. Layak dibaca.

Something that I find very common is the assumption that critics are principally there to deliver a judgment on a performance; ranking the performance, rating the performance.[…]
What matters, in the review, is it is a work of reporting, it is a work of journalism. Something happened, in the form of a musical event, and the critic is a reporter observing this event, and trying to capture it in prose.[…]
I think critics give a context; it’s probably the most important thing that we do.


Alex Ross 1

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An arts journalist, a conductor, an educator, a young arts manager whose passion drove him to leave a multinational IT cooperation to study Arts Administration and Cultural Policy in London and went back to Indonesia to build the scene there.

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